ART's summer acting program is a joint venture with John Strasberg Studios, and typically runs for four weeks in July and August. A minimum of 10 students must have registered in order for the summer program to be held.

Please note: class list, descriptions, and staff are subject to change.

Actors may also enroll in a 6 week training program including both the Summer Theater Acting Program and John Strasberg's Intensive Acting Workshop at a special reduced price. You must be approved for this combined program.

ART's professional training program is conceived as an alternative to the systematic methods taught in the majority of acting schools, and University undergraduate and MFA programs. ART recognizes that learning is an organic process and that each artist’s creative process must develop by approaching the creative process as a whole, and not dividing it, or the way the artist thinks about it, into its separate parts. Each actor/director/playwright will develop and learn individually, and will neither intellectualize or be distanced from, the personal, intimate nature of the Organic Creative Process. ART's programs of seminars and workshops are intended to train beginners, young professionals (including MFA graduates), and professionals aware of their ongoing need of constant training, similar to the needs of all professional athletes, musicians, et al.

Our training program is directed toward developing an organic creative process based on the actor’s talent and desire to perceive realities in the text that will, if he/she focuses on them, help him or her to become involved in the world of the play. Work is based directly on the artist’s desire to transform and live the life that he/she imagines. The creative process helps the actor to use his/her intelligence, imagination and intuition to merge with his or her knowledge of life and human behavior; developing the capacity to intuitively and consciously make creative choices that reveal his/her’s intimate and personal understanding of life, and the life of the material. This is the mark of all good creative processes. The programs are pragmatic and directly applicable to real production. The curriculum will include seminars and workshops focusing on all media, styles and periods, giving the future artists an eclectic and open-minded creative process for their lives and their careers.

Training artists also gives us a strong, lasting, continuously growing and ongoing artistic foundation for our theater as new artists emerge.