We, the undersigned theater artists, united by our common dedication to life and truth in art, herewith commit ourselves to the creation of The Accidental Repertory Theater. Our organization evolves from the artistic roots of The Moscow Art Theater, The Group Theater, and The Actors Studio. The deeply personal work that defines realistic theater, has existed in great artists from all periods of history, and many cultures, with many styles and forms: Kabuki Theater, to the Greeks, to Chaplin, Keaton, great circus clowns; and the great dramatic poets, Euripides, Shakespeare, Moliere, Lope de Vega, including Ibsen in Peer Gynt, and Tennessee Williams in Camino Real. The Realistic school is not a style of acting or theater. It exists in all styles and forms, because, reality is the deeply personal human experience and knowledge that the artist expresses in his work.

Reality evolves, and is expressed in new forms by the artists of our time. Developing productions, and each artist's personal Organic Creative Process, begins with professional workshops. Our workshops — combining actors, directors, writers, designers, producers — transcend methods and styles: Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, abstract, surrealist, realism, classic, modern. Because they evolve each member's creative process, our workshops will develop new projects and creations for theater (including musical theater), film, video and television. We will develop material from writers around the world, not exclusively in English. We will create and produce, new, classical and contemporary scripts and plays, for theater, film, and television. Our productions will touch the minds, hearts and souls of the audiences of today's world. And, we will develop projects (including all media) and programs for teachers and young audience education and development, involving them, so that the participants express and develop their own individual creative processes.