A key goal of the Accidental Repertory Theater is to create a professional workshop for actors, writers and directors, that provides participants with a studio in which they can work on themselves and their craft, and continue to develop their capacities, new plays and projects. The objective is for the workshop to maintain a place of high standards in which participants can explore and develop their process.

Participation will depend on the company’s needs, the artist’s interest, availability, and value to the project or projects being worked on. This concept will also develop an ongoing studio where participants may continue to develop their art, whether they are involved in a current project or not. A rotating company permits active professionals to participate in ART’s projects without inhibiting their professional careers and money-making capacity. This does not preclude the possibility of guest artists participating in any production or developmental process. The company is not a closed group, but one that will grow and change with every season of productions. Some actors, writers and directors will become more involved than others, but this will occur naturally in the course of production.